Get inspired and start working 

on your dream home


During an inspiration session we discuss various renovation options for your project so you can get new ideas and an insight into what is possible. After the workshop you’ll start looking differently at your space, noticing opportunities that will help fulfill your wishes.

Are you curious about the possibilities of your current home or a house that you are planning to buy?

Not sure if it’s possible to turn this property into your dream home?


Our sketch and inspiration session is designed to help you make decisions and start working towards a home you will love. We start with a personal visit to the location (although you may wish to skip this step if you have other sufficient visual documentation) to get a good overview of the current situation.

Back at our office we together discuss various options and renovation strategies that will let you look differently at your space, your personal wishes and priorities. Using hand sketches and examples from our extensive practice we hope to help you start in the right direction towards your dream home.


✔ Get inspired and start looking at your property from a different angle

✔ Ideal if you are not entirely sure about your wishes and priorities

✔ Optional – personal  visit to your house or property you are planning to buy

✔ Including a sketchbook with ideas for you to keep 

Every great design starts with inspiration and simple sketches. And sometimes what you thought is possible is only a starting point to something even more beautiful and more suited to your lifestyle.

“We loved the Sketch & Inspiration Session! You come in with some concepts but the inspiration session helps you develop them and focus on what you want to achieve. It was a bit of a journey – you start with thinking that you know what you want and then you are able to expand those ideas and focus. A kind of an evolution and it enabled us to decide what we wanted and what we didn’t anymore.”

– Ailie & Michael

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